Sunday, June 3, 2018

A Video a Day Helps You Learn English - Friends #5 series with subtitles

Today we are going to watch a clip from the series Friends! We are going to learn many different idioms that people use in everyday life! 

I could slide over - move myself to the side
Apple and Oranges - Things are very different from each other, you can't compare them.
I have a jam-packed schedule - I am very busy.
I figured that's where you'd be- I knew that  you would be.
and boogie - dance
Get my eyes scratched out - I will get yelled at

Have Fun watching the video!

Directions for watching this video
1. Watch passively.
2. Watch, write down unfamiliar words you don't know.  Stop the video and look up the words.
3. Watch again and notice how much more you understand now.


Homework: Pick one of the idioms that you learned today and use it when you next speak with your English teacher. 

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