Friday, June 1, 2018

A Video a Day helps you Learn English - Beginner lesson - Nice to Meet You

Nice to Meet You.   How do you introduce yourself in English?  
Well here's one way from Voice of America! 

Directions for watching this video
1. Watch passively.
2. Watch, write down unfamiliar words you don't know.  Stop the video and look up the words.
3. Watch again and notice how much more you understand now.

Good Luck!
Rachael Alice Orbach

Why did the woman spell her name? 
How many N's are in her name? 
Why did she come to this place? 
What is the name of the street? 
Can you say the name of the street clearly? 

Introduce yourself to a friend.  Use this template from the video! 

Good Luck!

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