Tuesday, June 9, 2020

New Literacy - More important now than ever before!

Very Important!  Watch this video and then discuss with your English teacher!

Fake news picture on www.pixaby.com  feel free to donate to the designer. 

How do we know what is real news or fake news?

Have you ever watched a news report and then learned afterward that it was fake?
How do you know if the news is real or not? 
How many other news sources do you read or watch? 
Which types of facts tend to be fake news? 


After you have watched the video then you can read the transcript here: https://learningenglish.voanews.com/a/news-litaracy-introduction-news-through-time/4387984.html

Write about your "favorite" fake news story.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Jane Eyre, Chapter 13

Jane Eyre is now an adult and has been working at Thornfield Hall for a while when she meets the master, Mr.Rochester. 

Let's study Chapter 13 

How does Jane react to the new situation, the master being at home? 

How does Adel feel?  What does she do? 

How does the weather relate to Jane's mood?  

What does it mean "to dress for dinner?" 

How many dresses does Jane have? Which one does she choose to wear?  Why? 
How does Jane describe Mr. Rochester?  Is he handsome?

How does Mr. Rochester test Jane? 

HowdoesJane feel about her watercolors? 

How does Mrs. Fairfax feel about Mr. Rochester? 

Why did Edward get the estate and not Roland? 

 Jane writes in her diary about the first day that Mr. Rochester comes into the house.  You write the entry for her. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Lost Treasure of Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton

Lost Treasure of Emerald Eye by Geronimo Stilton 
Lesson Plan Literature 

Chapter 1 
Pages 1-13

Teacher’s Note: Talk about the text, ask if there were other difficult vocabulary, explain them.
Questions to ask: 
What type of story is this?  
What type of mouse is the main character? What clues are in the text?  How does he react when his secretary tells him all the problems? How does he solve them?  
What type of girl is Thea?  How do you know? What clues do we have from the text?

Go over the vocabulary,  explain any that the student doesn’t know. 

raced by
heart attack 
‘fraidy  - slang for afraid

Teacher’s note:  Ask the student if there were other difficult words to pronounce, explain how to say the words. 

grumbled grum bled
stumbled  stum bled
tumbled  tum bled
tackled  tack led
peeled  say the l clearly 
heartburn heart burn

Teacher’s Note: 

Ask the student how a person can be persuaded to do something.  How have you done this in the past?  Talk about it.   Has anyone persuaded you to do something that at the beginning you didn’t to do?  How did you feel about it?   What words can be used? 

Explain these words, ask the student if there are more words that can be added to the list.  Then use them. 
Useful concept: Persuasive language 
better new dangerous exciting educational  challenging rough natural  delight wild

Questions to discuss 

  1. What is Mr. Stilton’s first problem?
  2. How does he solve it?
  3. What happens when he walks into the office?
  4. Who takes him to lunch? 
  5. Why does Thea think that others are spying on her?
  6. How does she try to convince Geronimo to help her?
  7. Why can’t Geronimo sleep that night?
  8. Predict what is going to happen next!

Based on pages 1-13 
Write the e-mail that Thea writes to her brother asking him to go with her.  Use the information that she told him, and add persuasive language  

Sample e-mail 
Dear Sweet  Brother, 

I so want to you come with me!  It will be an educational opportunity for you, a chance for you to get out of the office and enjoy life for a change!  Please, think of this as my gift to you for the past 5 years that I forgot to give you birthday presents!  Tell the newspaper that you are going on a fact finding mission with me and that we will write a wonderful travel article for the paper!  We are going to have a wild time!  Just do it for me, pretty please? 

With love, 


 Homework alternative  Thea is writing a sales letter for a cruise to find treasure.  Write her sales letter using the persuasive language that you have learned in this lesson. 


Once in a lifetime opportunity! Find hidden treasure in a remote island!  7 days, 6 nights adventure in the South Seas!  Excitement and  Adventure can be yours for a low price!  Tasty food cooked by our own chef!  Where else can you have such an educational vacation? 

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Jane Eyre Study Questions chapters10,11,12,

Jane Eyre Study Questions chapters10,11,12,13

negas - hot wine with spices, lemon and sugar

Chapter 10 activities: 

The local newspaper has sent a reporter to Lowood school to investigate the cause of the typhus plague at the school. You are that reporter. Write the article that appeared in the local newspaper and caused the conditions at the school to improve. 

Jane writes a letter to Miss Temple thanking her for the excellent education that she recieved.  Write that letter. 

Jane now makes a decision to leave Lowood, What was the cause?  How did she finally do it? 

What does she do in town?  How far is it?  Why didn't she use an umbrella? 
Here is a link to the history of the umbrella: https://www.thoughtco.com/who-invented-the-umbrella-1992592

Draw a picture of Mrs. Fairfax, how Jane visualizes her. 

Why do you suppose that Bessie has come to say goodbye to Jane? How did she find out that Jane was leaving the school?   What is their relationship like now? What are Jane's accomplishments in Bessie's eyes?

Chapter 11 Activities

Jane has taken her first independent action in her life.  
She writes in her diary about this first day outside the institution.  You write it for her. 

How does the picture of Mrs. Fairfax agree with the actual person?

How does Mrs. Fairfax treat Jane?  What did Jane expect? 

What are her duties as a governess? 

How does Mrs. Fairfax interact with the servants? 
Give evidence from her conversation with Jane. 

How does the house affect Jane?  Is it similar or different from where she grew up? 

How do we know that Jane doesn't consider herself beautiful?  But what does she do to make herself presentable?  Draw a picture of Jane, how she sees herself.

How does the meeting with the little girl affect Jane? 
What can Adele do?  Do you think that Jane will be able to teach her? 

What does Mrs. Fairfax say about Mr. Rochester's character?  

What impressions does Jane take of the house? Which part scares her? What is her favorite room? 

What does Jane think of the tour of the house?  What impressions does she have of Grace Poole? 

Chapter 12
How does Jane feel about Adele?  What does teachable mean? 

What does Jane feel about the servants? 
Why does Jane feel hemmed in? 

Why does Jane go to town? What happens on the way? 

How does Jane describe the man she meets?  How does she help him?

How does Jane feel about the man after she helped him get on his horse? 

How does she feel about Thornfield? 

How does she find out that she helped Mr. Rochester? How does she feel about what she did now? 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Jane Eyre Chapters 7 8 9

Jane is now at the institution, and although she came from a rich family, she is now with other girls who are more or less similar to herself.  

Chapter 7 

Jane had to get used to a different type of education.  If you were to evaluate her learning style which would it be?   Which type of learning style do they have at her new school? 

How does the weather affect Jane?  What part of the country is this school? What is different from where she grew up? 

What type of clothing do the girls get to wear?  Is it suffecient?  

How does Jane feel about Mr. Brockerhurst?  What impression of Jane did he give to Miss Temple? 
How does she react? 

Chapter 8

How does Helen console Jane about the treatment that she recieved from Mr. Broklehurst? 

What advice does Helen give her?

Why does Miss Temple favor Helen? How does Jane take it? 

Chapter 9
What is the treatment for the disease? 
Does it help? 

How does the doctor describe Helen? 
How does Helen's faith help her? 

Who do you think put the marble grave marker on Helen's grave? 

https://www.amazon.com/JaneEyre, the movie

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Sunday, May 17, 2020

The Reign of Terror, The French Revolution, Story of the World, Book 3, Chapter 25

The Reign of Terror was a very dangerous time to be in France, even if you weren't too enthusastic about the Revolution, you could be arrested and sent to the guillotine. 

Read pages 210-212

Get The Story of the World, book Activity book and Answer Key on Amazon! 

What did the people do with the King and his family? 
Who emerged as the main leader? 
What did he do to people he didn't like? 
What were the aims of the Revolution? 
What did the  National Assembly want to do with the Second Estate? 
What did the King of Prussia threaten to do? 
What did National Assembly do then? 
What did they do to the King? The Queen?
Which laws did the Assembly pass?  What was the function of these laws? 
How many French citizens died from the guillotine? 
What did the Assembly feel about Robespierre? 
What did they do? 
What was the final situation in France at this time? 

You are Charles Dickens and are doing research for your next book: A Tale of Two Cities.
Write your notes that you are going to use in your novel. Write 5 facts from the viewpoint of a visitor to France during this time. 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Revolution Gone Sour! The French Revolution, The Story of the World, Book 3 Chapter 25

I have two whole books written about the French Revolution, and we are going study it in one chapter!  Hold on to your seat belts, we are in for a wild ride!
207-209 and discuss these questions with  your teacher. 

Get The Story of the World, book Activity book and Answer Key on Amazon! 

What were the three divisions of France?
Who had the most power? 
Who paid the least amount of taxes? 
Who was the King of France? The Queen? 
What was the matter with the harvest in France at this time? 
What did the rich do all the time? 
How did the American Declaration of Independence influence the Third Estate? 
How many taxes did the Third Estate have to pay? 
Why didn't the priests have to pay taxes? 
What happened in May 1789? 
Why did the Third Estate meet at the Tennis court? 
What was the new name? 
What happened on July 14th 1789?
Why didn't he order the army to restore order? 
You are a lawyer, Robespierre, give a speech about the injustices of France and why you want to change it. 
List at least three things that the King and the noblemen do to the Third Estate. 


New Literacy - More important now than ever before!

Very Important!  Watch this video and then discuss with your English teacher! Fake news picture on www.pixaby.com   feel free to donat...