Sunday, January 21, 2018

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak, chapter 2

Dolphins at Daybreak Chapter 2 

Key Terms 
Daybreak- another word for Dawn

What do the kids have to do in this series of books? Is it easy or hard for you? 

Where was the Tree House?  Why was it in that place? 

Why is the ground pink?

What is the sand here made of?  Why? 

What machine do the kids find here?  What does it do? 

What does Annie want to do?  Is it safe? 

Why do they take off their socks and shoes? 

What information do they learn from the book?

What does Annie do inside the machine?  

What does the machine do? 

For More information: Go here:

Write a descriptive essay about a beach that you have been to.  What does it look like, smell, feel.  

Here is some music to put you in the mood of being at the beach: Written and Produced by Rachael Alice Orbach 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Magic Tree House, Dophins at Daybreak, Chapter 1

Magic Tree House, Dophins at Daybreak, Prologue and Chapter 1 

What can we learn by looking at the pictures on the cover and the title page? 

Listen to this music while you read this chapter!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Paddington 2 Letter #2 to Aunt Lucy Lesson Plan Page 16

Paddington 2 Letter #2 to Aunt Lucy  Lesson Plan Pages 16-

Paddington writes another letter to Aunt Lucy, 

Why doesn't Paddington tell Aunt Lucy what really happened? 
What does he write in his letter? 
How does he describe the building? 
The food, the security? 
What does he say about the Browns? 
Will he like the neighbors? 

Homework: Aunt Lucy writes a letter back to Paddington. 
You write her letter for her! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Paddington 2 Paddington At Court Lesson plan pages 13-15

Paddington 2  Lesson plan pages 14-

Here is a sticker book about Paddington that 
has the events that happen in the movie. 
Have fun putting the stickers in the book and
 then you can read the book!

Paddington's case went to court: 

Who was called to the witness stand first? 
What question was asked? 
What was the answer? 
Is the testimony that this person gave good or bad? 
Who else was called up to give testimony? 
What did he say about the drawing? 
What was the verdict?  
What was Paddington's punishment? 

Write an acrostic Poem using the letters of Paddington's name: 



C  Cute and soft
A  Active and sly
T  Tired at the end of the day. 

While you are reading this chapter: listen to this beautiful music!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Paddington 2 Lesson Plan pages 9-12

Will Paddington be framed for a crime that he didn't commit? 

What did the police ask Paddington to do? 
What happened to the real thief? 
Where did they take Paddington? 
What does his family think really happened? 
Who is not upset by the events? 
What is Phoenix Buchanan's plan? 
What clues are in the book? 

Write instructions about how to cook a dish that you like to eat. Write the list of ingridents, and then write the steps in order, you can include a picture if you wish of the finished dish.   

Monday, January 15, 2018

Paddington 2 Lesson PLan pages 6-8

 Paddington is now in London, and he wants to buy a present for Aunt Lucy.  

Now you can act out with Paddington as he is in London! 

How did Paddington plan to get enough money to buy the present for Aunt Lucy? 
Is this an easy job?  What does he have to do? 
What does he do after work every day? 
What does he hear in the shop?
What does Paddington do next?  Is this a smart thing to do? 
What does the thief do? 
What does Paddington do? 
Who arrives at the scene? 
What happens when Paddington catches the thief? 

Homework:  Write about a situation that happened to you or in another book that things don't turn out as you wanted them to.  

Listen to this wonderful video while you are reading this book 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

MagicTree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 10

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon, Chapter 10 

Here is the boxed set of books Magic Tree House 5-8.  Enjoy!

Jack and Annie have arrived in Frog Creek Pennsylvania once again. 

How do the kids feel about being in Frog Creek? 
What is the weather there?  What can they hear?  What can they feel?  
Who came with them this time? 
What did Jack bring back with him from the Moon? 
Where does Morgan have to go now? Why? 
What happened when Morgan left with the Tree House? 
Where did the kids go now? 
Who does Jack think that the Moon Man was:
 Who does Annie think that the Moon Man was? 

A newspaper reporter has heard about the Magic Tree House and how Jack and Annie have gone to many different places. 

He interviews the kids and they tell him about their favorite adventure; 
You write his article for his newspaper for him. 

While you are reading this chapter, you can listen to this beautiful music: Written and produced by Rachael Alice Orbach 

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak, chapter 2

Dolphins at Daybreak Chapter 2  Dophins at Daybreak Key Terms  Daybreak- another word for Dawn Questions  What do t...