Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Streets of London - A song a Day Helps You Learn English!

A song with wonderful singing and a message!


What is the old man doing?
What does yesterday's news symbolize?

What is the old gal doing?
Why doesn't she stop to talk?

What is the man in the cafe doing?
What is he thinking about?

Who is outside Seaman's mission. 
What did he do when he was younger?
Why is his memory fading?

What will we see when we walk through the streets of London?
Why are these people lonely?

What is the call to action in this song?
How does this song make you feel?

You can use this lesson plan with your English teacher, even me?

Rachael Alice Orbach- also listen to my latest song on your favorite streaming service: 

Left Hand Now!

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Johnny Cash! A Heart of Gold! A Song A Day Helps You Learn English!

This is the standard Heart of Gold that everyone does a cover, but no one can hold a candle to the best! 
Johnny Cash

What is the singer looking for?
What metaphors does he use?
Where is he looking?
What is a miner?
What is a fine line?

Can you find a Heart of Gold?
What does a heart of gold feel like to you?

Discuss these questions with your English Teacher! 

Maybe me?

Rachael Alice Orbach


Monday, January 21, 2019

Walk and Talk English now 2019!

Start now to improve your conversational English! 

We can go together to a mall or a museum and speak English! 
You can give  English Day as a gift!  

E-mail rachaelalice@gmail.com

If you want on-line lessons, then go to this link: https://www.italki.com/teacher/1581946 

Rachael Alice.

P.S.  I'm  teaching privately here in Jerusalem as well! In Person lessons for Bagrut Moed Bet or help with homework, as well as for kids who need help with reading.  I use the Hickey Method with fun cartoons and games.  

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Master Key by L.Frank Baum- Narrated by Rachael Alice Orbach

Everybody loves the Wizard of Oz.  It is a great book, and L. Frank Baum himself supervised the movie with Judy Garland.  

Not every knows however, that he wrote many other books, include 14 more Wizard of Oz books, and many other books with other characters.  

One of the most surprising books is "The Master Key."  I am not going to give away the plot of the book, but it is as Baum had a time machine and came to the 21st Century and picked out his favorite invention and wrote about in the year 1900! 

I have a treat for you!  You can read along with me as I narrate this book!  

When my kids were little, I used to read a chapter of many different books every night as their bedtime treat.  So the kids are all grown up now and I still like to read, so you all in YouTube land get to benefit now. 

Here is the playlist that I started as I do a video of each chapter as I read it: 

I read each chapter, and the text is on the screen, well except for the first one, because I was still figuring out how to do it, but the rest are with the text. 

I use my own music for the background, and you can find these songs either on YouTube, search for Rachael Alice Orbach, or on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Deezer. . . well, you get the idea. 

So, have fun with the Master Key.  I will add to the play list as I narrate more chapters!  

If you like the book, then forward this blog post! 

If you are learning English, you can also use these videos to improve your English level.  
1. Listen to the video, and see how much you can understand. 
2. Listen again, and this time, read the text as I read it too you. 
3. Listen again, but this time close your eyes and see if you understand everything! 

Good Luck!

P.S.  If you buy from the Amazon link, I get a very small percentage of the sale, at no extra cost to you. 
This helps me justify the time it takes me to make the videos. . . :~ 

Monday, December 17, 2018

A Little History of the World Chapter 10

Now we will travel to India and find out what was happening there when the Persians and Greeks were having their wars.  

Where was the great river of India?  What was it's name? 
Why do linguists feel that the language was similar to our language? 
How did the caste system develop?  How did the upper caste enforce this system? 
What was amazing about their religion? 
Who was Gautama? What did he do? 
How did his ideas sweep the ancient East? 
What was his life like when he was growing up? 
How did he change his mind? 
What type of life did he live afterwards? 
What are his ideas? 
Do you think that they answer the problem of human suffering? 
Can we apply his ideas to our lives in the modern world? 

Think about an object that you really want. 
Then use the Budda's ideas and observe if you still really want it or not. 

For more information: 

Disclosure: I will get a very small commission if you buy from some of the links on this page. This helps me to keep the blog active. Thank You.
Rachael Alice Orbach
Here is one of my latest projects: Narrating this book with my music and pictures: Enjoy!

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Little History of the World by E.H. Gombrich, Chapter 9

There are many History books on the market these days, but this one was written in the 1930's and is still relevant and interesting. 
I first read it in Hebrew and then I found it on the net in English. 

The Author, E.H. Gombrich was best know for Art, but he was very knowledgeable in History. 


Chapter 9


Scale Modes in Music

These scale modes are one of the ways that we remember the ancient Greeks.   We name the different scale modes, in Greek.  
Oracle at
Delphi https://www.dkfindout.com/us/history/ancient-greece/oracle-at-delphi/
How did the ancient Greeks measure time? 
How is this different from the way you measure time? 
Can you remember an important event in your life? 
How did you feel before the event?  How did you feel after the event? 

Compare how Spartans treated their children to how the Athenians treat theirs. 
What is interesting about the name "Draco?"
What did Solon do in Athens?
Who was Pericles and what did he do?
Why did the people follow him? 
What year did he become leader? 
How did the Athenians develop philosophy?
What is different about Greek Art?
What did Phidias do?
Which part of Athens is still standing today? 
What is the function of the Greek columns?
Why do people copy them? 
What was new about the theater?

What type of story do you like?  

Summarize a play or story from your country's folklore. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018

How to order drinks on the plane - A Video a Day Helps you Learn English

My husband just came back from Belgium, so when I found this video I thought about all my English students and maybe you'd like to order drinks on the plane too! 

Instructions to Watch this video. 
1.  The video plays without subtitles, 
2. The video plays with subtitles. 
3. Try to do the conversation with a friend, or better yet, a teacher. 



When was the last time you were on a plane? 
Did you order drinks or food?
Do you travel often? 
What is your favorite way to travel?

Have a nice flight!

Rachael Alice Orbach 

The Streets of London - A song a Day Helps You Learn English!

A song with wonderful singing and a message! Questions: What is the old man doing? What does yesterday's news symbolize? Wha...