Friday, January 22, 2021

Southern Colonies in the British Colonies, Lesson Plan

 The Southern Colonies differed in their economies from the Northern Colonies

First watch this short YouTube introduction: 

Next read in Timelinks G5 pages 112-117

Then read in the Big Fat Notebook of American History pages  68-69

Discuss these questions: 

What was the diffenence between the agriculuture before and after the invention of the Cotton Gin? 

Did most Southerners own slaves? 

What was different about Georgia as compared to the other Southern Colonies? 

What was the role of indentured servants? 

Homework: Write a paragraph about this topic using concrete examples and reasons. 

Why did people come to the Southern Colonies? 

Rachael Alice Orbach online teacher and musician: 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Causes of World War I Lesson plan

 First we will watch this video: 

Now we will read this website:

Then we will read The Big Fat Notebook pages 337-353 

Answer the questions on page 353, then discuss these points: 

 Discussion Questions: 

Who wanted to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand

How did this affect the countries of Europe? 

Which new war techniques did both sides use? Why? 

When did the United States enter the war? 

Why did it take so long to end the war? 

When did the war end? 

What were the terms of the Treaty of Versailles?

Rachael Alice Orbach 

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Lesson plans pages 67-77

We have been going along with Greg to get ready for Halloween in the past few pages, so now is the beg Event!! 


Page 67 


Find the way for the mouse to get the cheese!!

Words to know: 

driveway- the place where you drive the car to get to the garage

tagged along - came along 

spooky decorations - decorations that have ghosts and wolves

ruled out - make impossible 

to make a point - say something important

hitting only-going to  

neighbor - a person who lives close to you


Mr. Mitchell                ___ didn't want to go to houses with spooky decorations

Dad                           ___  invited Mr. Mitchell and Jeremy to come                                     with them trick or treating

Manny and Jeremy    ___ was upset about having the little kids along

Greg                         ___  likes to talk about football

Put in the correct word in the sentence: 

Word list:  make a point, tagged along, talking,  neighbor hitting only

We ran into our_______.

They ______  ________ with us.

Dad and Mr. Mitchell started ____ about football

Every time one of them wanted to  they’d stop walking.

 We were _____  _____ about one house every twenty minutes

If there is time go to play this game:


Page 68

Phrases to know:

take off  - to walk away

a couple of hours - a long time 

make up as much time as possible - to do a lot of work in a short period of time

“potty break.”- go to the bathroom

hold off- not to do something right away

gonna get messy -making a mess 

helping myself- I will take your stuff


Mr. Mitchel and Dad    ___ let the kids use the bathroom

Greg                         ___ took the little kids home

Rowley                    _____ Went trick or treating for more time

Gramma                 ____  had to take a potty break 

Put in the correct words in the sentences

Phrase list: 

“potty break.

 take off

make up as much time as possible

helping myself

 After a couple of hours

__________, Dad and Mr. Mitchell took the little kids home.

 Me and Rowley could_______________.

I wanted to___________________________________.

Rowley told me he needed a ___________________.

I was gonna start ______________ to his candy.

Write sentences using these phrases: 

take off  - to walk away

a couple of hours - a long time 

helping myself- I will take your stuff

If there is time in class choose a game from this site:


Page 69

How to make a Halloween wolf mask: 

Words to know

 kind of tell  - almost know 

 pajamas - special clothes to wear when sleeping

the evil eye - being annoyed with you 

to head home - go home 

 satisfied- content 

 pickup truck =

roaring down the street - driving very fast 

Discuss  the questions with your teacher: 

What were Greg and Rowley doing out at night? 

What did the neighbors do at 10:30pm? 

How does Greg feel?  How does Rowley feel? 

How much candy do you think Greg and Rowley recieved on Halloween night? 

What came driving up very fast next to them? 


Make these verbs into the past tense: 

go    _______

is    _________

eat  _________

drink  _______

write _______

sing _______

Write a dialog between Greg and Rowley:  Fill in missing words from your imagination. 

Hey Greg  ______________ said Rowly. 

Yeah Rowley _______________ said Greg

Let's go ____________ said Rowley 

No, said Greg I want ______________

If there is time in class choose a game from this site:


Page 70

Warm  up: 

Words to Study
fire extinguisher 
he opened fire - he sprayed the fire extinguisher 
yelled out - screamed loudly
passed by us - drove by 
regretted - felt sorry
give credit - give someone 

Put in the right word in the sentence: 

Word list: open fire,  fire extinguisher, regretted, gave credit

The kid in the back had a __________________.

Then he ___________________ at us.

I __________ yelling at the teenagers. 

Match present tense with past tense

eat                                blocked 

walk                             ran 

run                                 jumped 

jump                             ate

block                             walked 

This dialog is in the present tense, put it into the past tense:

Greg: Hi Rowley, I want to go to 252 different houses tonight. 

Rowley: Sure, Greg, but your dad is bringing Manny. 

Greg: Ok, we are walking with them for a while. 

Your turn: 

Greg: Hi Rowley, remember last night?  We _____ (go) to 252 different houses!

Rowley: Yeah, but your dad ______(bring) Manny along.

Greg: But we _______(walk) with them for a while, and then we _____(go) to the other houses! 

If there is time during class we can go play a game:


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Teddy Roosevelt 26th President of the United States - Lesson Plan

Teddy Roosevelt 26th President of the United States  
Watch this video: 

 Read This blog post:

Big Fat Notebook of American History: pages 327-331 

Panama Canal building design


Describe how Roosevelt became president. 

How long did he serve? 

What was he famous for before the election? 

What were his main accomplishments? 

Why did Roosevelt support the revolution of Panama?

What were the problems with building the Canal? 

How long did it take to build? 

What was his motto concerning European involvement in Latin America? 

What was the Square Deal?  Which laws were passed because of this? 

Why was he called "The Trust Buster?" 

Why did he run again for President in 1912?  Who won the election? Why? 


You are an advisor to President Roosevelt,  Write him a report about why it is important to build the Panama Canal.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of a canal in Central America? 

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Wonders GK Book 8 pages 19-31 Lesson Plan

The American Way  Read pages 19-20

What statue is this? 

Where is it? 

What does it mean for Americans?

Now read pages 20-21 

Practice the letters and the sentences.

Go to page 22 -29 and read the story


Where does the boy live? 

Where does Pop live? 

How does he go there? 

What does he do when he see Pop? 

Who do you think Pop is? 

Where do Zeb and Pop go? 

What do they do there? 

Read pages 30-31

Golden Gate Bridge

St. Louis Arch

If there is time in class Go play this game:

Monday, January 4, 2021

Wonders G2 Reading and Writing Workshop pages 18-21

 Warmup - The word Friends

Now read the poem on page 18

What is the main idea of the poem? 

What are the Key Details?

Which Key Detail do you like the best?

Is there one that you don't like?

What is the Rhyme Scheme of the Poem? 

Who would like to read this poem?  Why?  

Now do Step 3 

Go to pages 18 and 19. 

Fill in the Word Web 

What things do you like to do with your Friends? 

Go to page 20

Learn the Vocabulary Words








Do Steps 6-8 in the Lesson Plan 


Write about your Best Friend. Where did you meet? 

What do you do together? 

How can you make the friendship even better? 

English for Chinese speakers - And other English learners:

 One of my students introduced me to this site today during class. 

This might become one of my favorite sites to use for new materials and pronunciation practice! 

The article are human interest, without politics!  And are very interesting. 

The vocabulary is introduced first, then you read the article and there are questions for discussion. 

Just about everything a busy teacher needs to do a great lesson! 

I will go back here again and use this material, and I hope that you do too! 

Southern Colonies in the British Colonies, Lesson Plan

 The Southern Colonies differed in their economies from the Northern Colonies First watch this short YouTube introduction:  Next read in Tim...