Monday, June 4, 2018

A Video a Day Helps you Learn English - Interviewing a roommate

Here is a bit longer conversation, about how to find a roommate in London.  You will laugh or at least smile at this video. This is a UK accent video! Enjoy!

Directions for watching this video
1. Watch passively.
2. Watch, write down unfamiliar words you don't know.  Stop the video and look up the words.
3. Watch again and notice how much more you understand now.

What are the housemmates going to do today?
What are the housemates names? 
What does the first applicant do? 
What is the problem with the second one? 
What about the third? 
How much does the room cost?
How does the 4th woman lose the room?
How does Jane get the room? 
Why do they ask all these questions? 
What is the address of the house? 

Over to YOU! 
Have you ever had to go to an interview? Why? 
Did you get what you wanted?  Why or why not? 
What could you have said in a better way?

Bonus question: What kind of car does the woman drive? 

Homework: Practice introducing yourself with your English teacher. 

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