Monday, August 15, 2016

Because of Winn-Dixie Lesson Plan Chapter 9

Each Chapter of this book gets a different link and picture, just to keep you on your toes!  Today you can research Kate di Camillo!

But really, let's get on with our book!
It is your turn to tell me what has happened in the book so far, Go on, I dare you to write in the comments the major events that have happened in the book!!! Go ahead, I will wait.

No, I won't wait, you are right, it is best just to keep on reading!

No kidding, but if you want, I have an extra copy of the book waiting here in my little hands if someone wants to buy it.  It is a paperback that has been rebound, and is in great condition!
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Key Terms
for instance - as an example
overgrown - too many plants on one place
hollered- yelled

whispered \\- s is a sss sound
 crinkly - krin kly

How did Winn-Dixie make Opal feel good all the time?
Who did she meet when she was coming out of the pet store?
What did she do in the pet store?
How does she feel about the two boys on bikes?
Who do they think lives in the overgrown garden house?
Why does Winn-Dixie go there?
What does he do there?
How does Opal feel about that person?


Write about the time when you met your best friend.
When did you meet your best friend?
How old were you?
What place were you both?
Are you still friends now?
How often do you speak or write to each other?

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