Thursday, August 11, 2016

Frozen the book Chapter 2 Conversation Lesson Plan
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Key terms
ancient - very old     section - part wounded - hurt crumbling - falling apart bundled - wrapped up
saddled - put the saddle on the horse thundered - went very fast rumbled - made a loud sound
wary -afraid dismounted get off a horse document- important piece of paper twirled - turn around
effigy - a model of a person

ancient an chent
tucked tuckt
needed  need ed
page  long a
document doc u ment
hooves  huvs
curious cur i us
cried  long i
creatures  kr ee turs
realizing  ree liz ing
cuties  long u
unconscious  un kon shus
persuaded per swad ed
series  sir es
sensible sen si bl
scene  seen
window  win do
remnant rem ent
twirled twurled
effigy - ef i gi


Why did the King go to the library in the castle?
What did he find there?
What did he do then?
Which girl rode with the Queen?  With the King?
What happens with the rocks?
Who else is on the hillside?
What does the old troll do?  What is his name?
Why does he say that a head injury is easier to deal with?
What happens to Anna?
What will she remember now?
What warning does he give to Elsa?
What is the old troll's advice?

Write about a time that you had to keep a secret.  What was the secret?  Who did you have to hide it from? What did you do?  Predict what Elsa's family is going to do to keep the secret of her powers from everyone.

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