Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Frozen, The Book, Chapter 3, Conversation Lesson

As we continue with our saga, the story gets more and more interesting. . .

Now we find out more about the girls as they grow up! 

Frozen Chapter 3 

Key Terms 

shuttered - closed 
secluded - alone
keep power in check - don't show or display power 
conceal - hide
engulfed - cover over   

lonely  say both l's clearly 
engulfed un gulft 

Why did the parents keep the sisters apart? 
Why did Elsa have to be the next ruler? 
What formed on her fingers when she became emotional? Why? 
Does Elsa agree with her father's advice? 
What does Elsa do when Anna wants to build a snowman? 
How do the girls feel about each other? 
What is going to happen when Elsa turns 21? 

Write Elsa's journal entry of the night before she turns 21.  How does she feel about the event that will happen? 

Write at least 6 sentences. 

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