Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hour of the Olympics Study Guide Chapter 3

Hour of the Olympics Study Guide Chapter 3

Jack and Annie have to save an ancient story!  Where are they? 

bearded - a man who has a beard
wisdom- knowledge
spinning - making thread or yarn
weaaving - making cloth
scroll- a long piece of paper or parchment used as books in ancient times. 

Where did Jack and Annie land? 
What research book do they have with them? 
What are they wearing? 
What is different about this place than in the modern world?
Does Annie like it? 
What does the word "philosopher mean?"
What do Jack and Annie show him? Why?
How does Plato react when he sees the thing?
Why can't Jack and Annie tell about the poet who wrote the story? 
What information do they learn from the research book? 

Jack and Annie have to keep a secret.  Write about a time that you had to keep a secret. Why was it important to keep the secret?   Did you ever tell anyone about the secret?   Answer the questions Who, What, Where, Why, about the secret. 

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