Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Coloring books for Kids and Adults can help you Learn English!

Adult coloring books can be fun and rewarding.  Kids also like to color, but when you are learning English this can be a good way to learn English.

When I wanted to be a doctor, (yes, a long time ago) I got a book called The Anatomy Coloring Book

It has a different cover now, but it was very useful for me to color the different parts of the body, each vein, muscle group, and skeleton.  I was an Anthropology major and so the bones were the most important for me.  I did this on my own so I would do better on the tests. It worked, but I didn't become a doctor, (that's another story)!

So, back to our subject, these books are really for kids, but adults can do them too.  You can download samples of each book for free, Coloring Books and then if you want you can get the whole set.  I am teaching the Magic Tree House series, and each book is about a different time in history.  I can give to my students as part of their homework a page to color and then write a paragraph to describe the picture.  This type of homework is much more enjoyable for children than just to assign a grammar worksheet. 

Have Fun with Coloring and Reading English! 

Rachael Alice Orbach, English teacher.

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