Sunday, October 22, 2017

Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Chapter 7

Magic Tree House
Night of the Ninjas
Chapter 7Ninja
While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening






east Noun - the direction the sun and the moon rises
Japan is east of China.

nature - the physical world around us, trees, plants, mountains that is not man-made
He likes the study of nature.

Confused - unable to think clearly
She got confused while working on the test, because she had a headache.

Woods - oo is eh sound

How does Annie pretend that she is a ninja?

How does Jack figure out which way is East?

Who do they see coming up the mountain?

What type of armor do they wear?

Why were Jack and Annie afraid of the samurai?


Write about a time when you, or a character in a story got lost.What happened? How did the person find their way?


One time I was in a shopping mall, and my son who was 2 years old at the time, got lost. I went to the security of the mall, they announced that a little boy two years old was lost in the mall, and someone came and brought him back.

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