Sunday, October 22, 2017

Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Chapter 8


Magic Tree House  Night of the Ninjas Chapter 8 

While Reading Make a chart of the events that happen in this chapter

Background Reading

What is the coldest water you can swim in?
How a ninja hides

Wilder Adjective - uncontrolled or dangerous
The hurricane was wilder than a tropical storm.

Crashing- Verb making a loud sound
I like this recording of the 1812 symphony, the cymbals are crashing at exactly the right time.

rushing Verb going very fast
She was late for work so she was rushing on her bicycle.

swirled Verb to go in a circular motion
The dancers swirled this way and that in time to the music.

bank Noun The side of a river
The banks of the Mississippi are very wide apart.

Scampered Verb - to run away often playfully
The rabbit scampered down the hill.

How do Annie and Jack get away from the Samurai?

Why can’t they cross the river?

Why is Dragon Water a good Title for this chapter?

Why can’t they tell where the Tree House is?

Why does the mouse run away?

What does the mouse find?

What is the problem with it?

Homework: Pretend that you are a newspaper reporter and you are interviewing Jack and Annie about the events that happen in this chapter. Ask them questions and then answer them.

Example: Interview of Dorothy from the book “The Wizard of Oz.”

Interviewer: Thanks for being with us today Dorothy, I know that you are very busy.

Dorothy: Thanks for having me.

I: How did you get to Oz?

D: I was living in Kansas, and there we have lots of cyclones. I couldn’t get into the cellar so I ran into the house with my dog, Toto.

I: What happened?

D: The cyclone picked up the house and after a long time we ended up in Oz.

O: What happened then?

D: Well, I was very surprised to be in a different place, and when I came out of the house, I saw that a pair of feet was sticking out from under the house and so a good witch Glinda said that I had killed the wicked witch of the North, and that I could have her shoes.

I: Then what did you do?

D: I put on the shoes and they fit perfectly! 

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