Sunday, September 17, 2017

Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Chapter 3

Magic Tree House
Night of the Ninjas
Chapter 3

Before Reading: What happened in Chapter 2? Why did Annie make friends with the mouse? Why did she call it Peanut? What would have you named the mouse? Which book is the most exciting for you? Why?

While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening






huddled Verb- to crowd close together
The ballplayers huddled together so they could talk without being overheard by the other team.

How does Jack figure out where they are?
What facts does the book tell Jack?
What does Jack write in his notebook?

What else would you write in your notebook?
What happened to the Pennsylvania book?
What do Jack and Annie do?   

Why did they do that? 

Does it prevent the ninjas from coming into the tree house? 

How do Jack and Annie feel about the ninjas? 

We see the wild. The first time, what is the word wild describe?   The second time? 

Describe a ninja. What does a ninja do? What skills does a ninja have? When did the ninjas live?

Cowboys of the American West.
The Cowboys of the American West were originally hired to take the cattle from the cattle range to the railroads so they could be sold. This was a long trek from Texas to Kansas. They wore special clothes to help them in their jobs, pointed boots made of leather so they could slip in and out of the stirrups, a big hat to keep off the sun, a bandana to wear around the face to keep out the dust, and chaps on their pants so they wouldn’t be stuck by cactus thorns.

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