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Magic Tree House Night of the Ninjas Chapter 2 Teacher’s Guide


Magic Tree House
Night of the Ninjas
Chapter 2

Before Reading: What happened in Chapter 1? Why did Annie make friends with the mouse? Why did she call it Peanut? What would have you named the mouse?

While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening






Under a spell - Verb Enchanted- under control of magic.
As she awoke from the dream, she felt she was under a spell.

Strapped- verb attached with a long piece of material
When the handle broke on my suitcase I strapped it together with a rope.

Scoop to remove something in an easy manner
Karen scooped the water from the bottom of the rowboat.

Pouch Noun- a pocket in the front
Mother kangaroos have a pouch to hold the baby kangaroo.

What is written on the piece of paper that Jack finds?

How do they guess what the last word written on the note? 

What is a spell? What does it do? 
What hint does the note it tell about Morgan?

How do Jack and Annie know what to do?
Why is there only one book open?
Why did Annie and Jack have an argument?

What does Annie want to do? 

What does Jack want to do?

What time of day it is in Frog Creek?  How do we know?

How does Annie resolve the argument?

Describe the picture in the book. 

What time is it in Ninja time? Why is that important? 

Describe Annie’s character, why is she so impulsive? What does she do that annoys Jack? What does Jack do?


Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

Dorothy is a nice girl who goes to the land of Oz in her house. The house is blown there by a hurricane. At first Dorothy is scared but as she meets the scarecrow, the tin woodman and the cowardly lion she gets more and more self-confidence and they all help each other to get to the Emerald City. 

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