Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sunset of the Sabertooth Magic Tree House Chapter 3 and Chapter 4

 Magic Tree House
Sunset with the Sabertooth
Student Assignment Sheet
Chapter 3 and Chapter 4


Whew! - Say when you are saved from a dangerous situation.
Whew, that was a close one! We ran away just in time!

Their shadows danced – a metaphor that means that the shadows were moving around
Their shadows danced on the wall, as the bonfire burned all night long.

ledge – a small shelf on the side of a mountain
I tried to sit on the ledge, but it was too small.

How did Jack know that the snoring came from a bear?

Why were the children so cold?

What did they bring with them?

What did they find?

What is the difference between the two caves?

What information did they learn from the book?

What did they find to keep them warm?

What notes did Jack write in his notebook?

How did Cro-Magnon light their homes?

What did they make their clothes from?

What did they see in the tunnel?


Write a report for your teacher about the Ice Age people. Where did they live, 

what did they wear, how did they light their caves?

How the Plains Indians lived:

The Plains Indians live in the Midwest of the United States, They lived in tents 

called teepees, they captured horses that had escaped from the Spanish. They 

hunted bison on the plains. Boys were taught how to hunt and girls were taught 

how to cook and sew clothes and the teepees.

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