Sunday, December 18, 2016

Harry Potter #1 Chapter 6 pages 110-122

Key terms 
furious - angry
for company - to be with someone
a company, - Google, facebook, WeChat are all Internet companies
I like your company.  = I like to be with you.
 to vacuum - to clean the rug with a machine that picks up dirt
punctures - a hole in a tire
 drifted over  - smoke coming out of the engine moving slowly
striding  - walking very purposefully
goggle at - to look at and make fun of
keep your hair on - if a woman is wearing a wig, she doesn't want to show anyone else

fun  hear the n
say ed
talked = talkt
briskly - going fast
drifted  drif ted
twice  long I
leaned  leeened

How does Harry feel about the new relationship between himself and the Durselys?
Why doesn't Aunt Petunia come inside the room anymore?
What does Hedwig bring in?  Why?
How does Harry get to Kings Cross station?
Why does Uncle Vernon have to take Dudley to London?
What does Dudley do when he sees Harry?
Why does Aunt Petunia have to do to get Dudley to sit next Harry?
How does Harry get to the platform?
How does he feel when he finally gets onto the platform and sees the train?
What picture do you have of platform 9 3/4?
What does Lee have in the box?
What is interesting about the twins?
What did Neville lose again?
What does Ron have on his nose?
What is Harry's reaction to being recognized?
How does he feel about going to Hogwarts?
How do the twins recognize Harry?
How does the twins's mother feel about Harry?

How do famous people react when they are recognized?
Have you ever met a famous person?
Have you ever met someone who youi admired?

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Write a post card that Harry writes to the Dursleys

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