Thursday, December 15, 2016

Starfleet Academy the Movie - Worksheet

I had a few free hours last night during the rainstorm, so instead of pushing myself to go out and teach and get wet on the way there and back, I decided to watch a movie. This is very rare for me, but as I am a teacher, I chose a movie about school. Well not a normal school, but one from the 23rd Century.  Starfleet Academy takes place in the Future San Francisco and in the Klingon Empire, where ever that is.

The movie came out in 1997, so even though it is old, it is a goody to behold. Some of our favorite Star Trek characters Chechov, Sulu and James T. Kirk

After watching this movie, a number questions come to mind.

What is the philosophy toward education of the Federation and of the Klingons?
Which involves more teamwork?
Which would be more acceptable in the 21st century?
Why don't we see the Klingon cadet?
How does David Forester win the No-Win Situation?
What projection is Surik working on?
How does David Forester infiltrate the subversive group?
How does  Captain Kirk defeat the group?

How does Tolak find out more information about the succession of the Klingon Empire?
What happens to a Klingon who disobeys orders?  In the Federation?
What effect does this have on Klingon society?
What is the war that the Klingon Provost starts?

What will be the next step between the Klingons and the Federation?

Have fun and add comments below!  

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