Sunday, December 11, 2016

Going Shopping in Diagon Alley pages 100-109 Harry Potter #1

Going Shopping in Diagon Alley.

Key Terms
revenges - to get back at someone
circumstances - special occasion
supply - an amount that hou will need
stammering - can't get the words out
faded - the color has gone away
spindly - not very sturdy
creepy  - a little bit scary
transfiguration - to change from one form to another
reflected - to see yourself in a mirror
relief  a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or distress.
piercing look - to look very carefully
substance - a particular kind of matter with uniform properties
nostrils - where you breathe from at the bottom of your nose
bow to bend over in greeting or saying goodbye
laden - loaded down  They have lots of packages with them after shopping
singled out someone or something out (for something) to choose or pick someone or something for something

cage - say hard g 
faded - long a 
flexible - x = ks sound 
pile - long i 
dusty y is I sound 

Why does Hagrid buy Harry an owl? 
What animal doesn't Hagrid like? 
How long has the wand shop been open? 
What is strange about Mr. Ollivander? 
What strange thing does the measuring tape do?
Why does Harry have to try so many wands?
What is special about the wands?
Why does Ollivander say that the wand chooses the wizard?
What happens when Harry waves all the wands?
What happens when he finally has the right wand? 
Does he like Mr. Ollivander? 
Why are all the people gawking at Harry? 
What happens when they get to the train station? 
When does Harry have to be at King's Cross station? 
What happens to Hagrid when he leaves? 

Harry is famous and he doesn't even know what for. Write a journal entry that Harry writes when he gets back to Number 4 Privet Drive after the trip to Diagon Alley

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