Monday, November 14, 2016

Hunchbach of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo pages 13-14

Hunchback of Notre Dame was written mainly to prevent the destruction of Gothic landmarks, and this case, it worked! Here we get a picture of the Middle Ages from a writer who wasn't as far away as we are now.  Enjoy!

In these page

Version that we are going to be studying

loungers - lazy people
scantily - not very much
cemetery - a place where people are buried
avenues - a street that connects different parts of a neighborhood
Château - a beautiful villa
encumbered - a lot of people are there
aspect - it looks like
augmented - added to
incessantly - all the time



Feast of the Fools

 thronged  one  syllable
 designated des I na ted
representation re pre sen ta shun
encumbered en cum berd
augmented aug me ted
incessantly in sess sen tly

What were the three things that were going to happen on January 6th?
Which was the most popular?  Why?
Describe the place where the Feast of Fools was held.
What metaphor does Hugo use to describe the crowd of people?

Note on the bottom of page 13 a small mistake  QQ = façade

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