Sunday, November 13, 2016

Harry Potter #1 pages 48-56

This chapter is very interesting. We see how Uncle Vernon tries to deny magic and what he does to get away from the letters that Harry is receiving.

For those of you who don't remember the hit song: Tiptoe through the tulips by Tiny Tim

For those of us who wan to know:  Cokeworth:

Key Terms
stole - to go very quietly
 trodden - past tense of tread  to step on
 tuft  - bunch of hair
speeding  -  going very fast
alien - cartoon character from another world
damp -a bit wet
 musty -  smells of mold
timidly  - speaking softly in a fearful manner
 perched - sitting on top
shriveled - scrunched up
dial - the face of the watch

alarm a larm
hammered ham er erd
squashy skw shy
pieces pe ses
cracks - one syllable
speeding  speed ing
usually u zha li
certain ser ten
kindly  long I
wicked  wik ed
hours  almost silent h

What was Harry's plan?
How did it go?
Who was also waiting at the door?
Why didn't Mr. Dursley go to work?
What did he do that day?
How many letters came to the house for Harry?
What did Mr. Dursley do with the letters?
What happened on the next day?
Where did Mr. Dursley take them in the car?
Why was Dudley upset?
Which hotel did they stay at?
How does Dudley know what day of the week it is?
What will happen on Tuesday?
Where did the family spend the night?
Why was Uncle Vernon so happy to spend the night in such a place?
What did they get to eat?
Why would they want all those hundreds of letters now?
Where did Dudley sleep?
Where did Harry sleep?
Why can't Harry sleep for the second day in a row?

Homework:  Harry writes a diary entry about the week before his birthday. He says all the things that happen to him.  Write the diary entry. 

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