Monday, November 21, 2016

Sunset of the Sabertooth Magic Tree House #7 Chapter 2

Magic Tree House
Sunset of the Sabertooth Chapter 2
Student Assignment Sheet

Before Reading: What happened in Chapter 1? What activity were the children coming from?  How were they dressed?

While reading - Make a chart of the events that are happening





,bare  Adjective - nothing is growing on the plant
Example: In the winter the trees are bare.

chattered Verb - the teeth involuntarily move up and down in a effort to get warm.
Example: When she got out of the pool, her teeth chattered.

slipped Verb - to put in a place quickly
Example: I slipped into the classroom at the last minute.

Cro- Magnons Noun - Early Modern Humans, they lived in Northern Europe adapted to cold weather.
Example: Cro Magnons lived in caves in Northern Europe.

they drove  Verb - to force animals to move in a certain direction
Example:  The Indians often drove buffalo over a cliff to kill them.

 no sign of - Idiom that means you can’t find it.
Example: There was no sign of his wallet, it was lost!

No wonder Idiom that means, Now I understand!
Example: It was no wonder we couldn’t find my wallet, it was under the bed.

freeze to death Idiom that means it is very cold
Example: If you go out in the snow, put on the snowboots, or you’ll freeze to death.

belonged  be longed

plain vs plane
plain is a wide expanse of land
plane is an airplane


How did Annie convince Jack not to go back home? 
Can they go home now? 
How did Jack and Annie feel when they got to the Ice Age?
How does the mouse feel?
Where did Annie put the mouse?
Where do Jack and Annie go first?   
What do they find there? 
What does Jack learn from the book? 
What does it smell like there? 

Homework: Jack forgot to write about the Amazon, so now he wants to take lots of notes about the Ice Age.  You write his notes about this chapter! 
While you are reading this chapter, listen to this beautiful music!

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