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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Book #1, Chapter 5 pages 76 -87

Diagon Alley is Harry's introduction  to the magical world. Harry is filled with wonder and so are we
Owls were the means of communication, but in the modern world during WWI and WWII carrier pigeons were used:

Carrier Pigeons

Key terms
 collasped - broken down  
his heart sinking- he is very disappointed
 rapping - knocking
delivery - brought to the door
 high-security - very important, need to keep safe  
 while - at the same time
Bungler - someone who messes everything up 
 pelts - throws something at someone  
 Blimey - slang for oh my God! 
 stared - to look intently 
sense of humor - knowing when something is funny
grubby - wet dirty 
record shop - a place where 33rpm recordings were sold 
 shabby - needs repair  

delivery - de li ver ri
Bungler bun gler
Blimey -  long i
complained com play ned
piles long i

What does Harry get as a birthday present from Hagrid?
What does he usually get for his birthday?
What date is Harry's birthday?
How does Hagrid use magic? Why does he do that?
Why doesn't Harry want to open his eyes the next morning?
Who does he think is tapping at the window?
How does Harry pay the owl?
Where do wizards keep their money?
How do Hagrid and Harry get to the shore?
Why is it difficult for Harry to keep quiet while Hagrid reads the newspaper?
What does the Ministry of Magic do? Why?
Why is Hagrid amazed at parking meters?
Why doesn't Hagrid understand Muggle money?
What is funny about the list of books and authors on Harry's book list?
Describe the problems that Hagid has when he is traveling on the train?
Why can't the passerby see the Leaky Cauldron?

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