Friday, November 25, 2016

Day of the Dragon, Magic Tree House, Book 14, Chapter 4

Now Jack and Annie have to be very brave!  Someone is after them, they are not allowed to keep the silk.

 steering steer ing
peeked say k clearly
invaders long a
structure  stuk shur
gaze - long a

Let's study about:
The Great Wall of China

What happens in this chapter?

Why are the people after Jack and Annie,
Where do Jack and Annie hide?
What is in this place?
Is it a good hiding place?
Who do they see crossing the road?
What are these people going to do?
Why are there guards guarding the workers?
Who finds Jack and Annie?
How does he react to Jack's book?
Is this man dangerous to Jack and Annie?

Homework: Summarize the reasons why the Qin Dynasty built the wall. who were the workers. Why didn't the Mongols continue to use the Wall?

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