Saturday, August 6, 2016

Frozen - the Book Lesson Plan 1, Prologue

Frozen is the popular movie, and has a wonderful sound track, it was first a book. Before you go see the movie again, read the book!

This lesson plan will help you!

Key Terms:

atop  - on top of
at attention, - ready to move
hoisted - pulled up
hurtling- falling
glanced - looked at fast
snorted - breathe out air with lots of noise
lanterns - oil lamps
desperately - To want something very bad

wagons  wa gon
hurtling  hurt ling
sled  short e eh sound
desperately des pr et li
imagined i magned  i= ee sound
glanced  gl ansed
hoof  - huf
finishing fi ni shing
wrestled  - w is silent
attached  ed is t sound
 northern nor thern
 creating cre a ting
 gossamer go ssi mer


Where does this story take place?
What type of weather?
What time of year?
What work do the ice harvesters do?
Why is is dangerous?
Why does Kristoff want to work?
Why can't Kristoff join in the work?
Who is with him?
What does Kristoff do?
Predict the reaction of the other workers:
How much can Kristoff and Sven carry?


Write a paragraph about a time that you wanted to do a task and others said it was too hard or difficult.
What did you do?
What should you have done?
Was it a wise choice?

Good Luck!
Your English Teacher- Rachael Alice 

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