Friday, July 22, 2016

Margaret Thatcher Lesson

Now that the UK and the USA are in the process of choosing new leaders, it behooves us to look to the past to study past leaders.  We need to choose people who will do the most good for our respective countries.  Today we are going to study Margaret Thatcher,  "The Iron Lady."

Now answer these questions:

 When did Margaret learn about politics as a child?
What was her first job after graduating Oxford?
 Why was losing her first two elections a good experience?
When did Thatcher enter into the Parliament?
 What was her first job there?
When did she take over the Conservative Party?
 When did Thatcher become Prime Minister?
Tell about 3 accomplishments.
When and why did she resign from the office of Prime Minister?


Write a paragraph about the legacy of Margaret Thatcher.

Good Luck! 

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