Sunday, August 7, 2016

Frozen - The book, Lesson Plan 2 Chapter 1

Did you read the Prologue?  If not, here is the lesson plan link: Prologue, Lesson Plan 1

I hope that you have read the Prologue, it really sets the stage for the book and the first chapter.. 

Key Terms:
fjord, a narrow part of the ocean between cliffs or steep hills or mountains
bright luster - pearly lights 
grumbled - complain quietly about something 
ducked under the covers - go back to sleep
lopsided - one side smaller or larger than the other
aloft - up in the air 
fearless,- without fear
went awry. - went wrong 
“This is getting out of hand!” - too much to control 

The Northern lights 

silent - long I
 waking - long a
 begging - short e
 royal - ro al
 flurry - flur ri
 create - cre  ate
 twirl - move hand in a circle
pretending - pre tend ing
icy - ic ee
created - cre a ted
 tossed  - toss et
 making - mak king
slipped -. slipet
 awry.- a rye
unconscious - un con shus
pure - pur
 desperately - des per at li
icicles - I si ckuls

 gasped - gaspt


What are the events that happened in this chapter? 
Where does Chapter 1 take place? 
Who are the main characters?
How old are they? 
Why doesn't Anna want to go back to sleep? 
What is Elsa's special talent? 
What does she make with her magic? 
How does Anna feel when the girls are playing? 
What happens when Elsa's foot slips? 
Who comes to help the girls?
What is their attitude? 
Predict what happen in Chapter 2 

Compare the two events, the prologue and chapter 1.  What is alike about them, what is different?  How does Kristoff and Sven deal with their situation? How does Elsa deal with hers?  Predict what will happen to Kristoff?  To Elsa? 

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