Monday, June 20, 2016

Magic Tree House-Sunset of the Sabertooth, Chapter 5 - 6,

Magic Tree House-Sunset of the Sabertooth,  Chapter 5 - 6,  

Background reading


Why did ancient people paint pictures
of animals on the walls?

Who do Annie and Jack have to find?

What are the dangers of being in the Ice Age? 

What type of people lived at that time? 

What type of food did they eat? 

How did they cook the food? 

What clothes did they wear? 


Look at the background links,  Write a post that you could put on a social
 networking site about a vacation that you "went on" to one of these sites and what you saw in one of these prehistoric caves.   Fill in the blanks with your own words!  

Here is the beginning done for you: 

Hi Everyone!  

I just came back from _____________________,  in ___________________.

Wow it was ______________.

The ________________ people painted on the cave walls!  ______________

We saw ______________________, _______________________ and


It was very interesting that they painted with _______________________.  

But why did they paint inside?  Maybe they also painted outside the caves too? 

My favorite painting is _________________________.  

Next time come with me! 

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