Thursday, November 5, 2015

Women Pick up the Ball - Treasures Grade 4

Women took up the slack during World War II in many different fields, one of them was Professional Baseball!

We are reading the story within a story on page 150-151

Succeed muttered 
fluke gaped 
flinched snickering 
a big draw

fl uke. long u 
lessened les send
Cooperstown town ow

How does Lucy feel at the beginning of the story?
Where is she exactly?
What is interesting about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League?
What are the girls doing with the thing on their heads?
Why did the Girls Baseball league fall apart?
How does she feel at the end?
What will happen after this story?

What type of sports do you like to play?
What sports do you play in the summer? In the winter?
Are women's sports important in your country?
Which women's Olympic sports do you like?

Inspirational Kids stories Inspirational Kids Stories.
Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English Teacher

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