Friday, November 6, 2015

A Walk in the Desert- Treasures Gr. 4 Unit 1

After studying the Cold of Alaska, we are now going to find out about the hot desert climate..  For one thing there are many more kinds of animals that live in the desert, but it is also a harsh environment.

We will start on page 49 -65
A Walk in the Desert


  fl ickering flik er ring
 biomes BI omes  long I
regularly re gu la ri
Gila  I is a ee sound
enormous e nor mus
  nocturnal nok tur nal
  chuckwallas chuck wa la
  streaks  ea - ee sound
  roadrunner road run ner

What happens in the morning in the desert?
What happens at noon in the desert?
What happens at night?
Why does a roadrunner prefer to run and not to fly?
Which would you like to visit?  The Desert or the Tundra?

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