Friday, October 9, 2015

Treasures Grade 4 - Student Anthology, Reading and Writing

Treasures is a Reading and Writing textbook geared for students who already know English, but need enrichment in vocabulary, grammar and writing.  It features non-fiction subjects, such as national parks, pre-history, space and geography so that students get a background in the natural sciences as well as working on their English.

This book is available on Amazon here:  You can also preview the whole series here: treasures/default.htm

Today we are working on The Solar System by Thomas Morabito on page 102 -107

  10,000˚F ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit
 5537.778 Celsius
carbon dioxide. 
900˚F = 482.22 Celsius 
1,100 miles an hour = 1770. km an hour
1,200 miles per = 1931 km per hour
dwarf - small
latest findings 

craters cray tors
meteors me t ors
asteroids  as te roids
solid  so lid
Venus Vin us

carbon dioxide car bon di ox ide
Uranus U rain us

What is interesting about Mercury? 
What is different about Venus? 
Why is Earth able to sustain life? 
Looking at the chart on page 103:
Which planet is the furthest away from the sun? 
Which is the biggest planet? 
What other facts can we tell from this chart? 
Which "planet" is missing from the chart?  Why? 

Write an e-mail about an event, use the example on page 107.

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