Thursday, October 8, 2015

Treasures Grade three - Mail for Matty Story

Treasures is an anthology for the 1st to 6th grade.  It is geared for children who already know how to read but need enrichment.   Go to this website, treasures/default.htm

Today we are going to study Mail for Matty, by Susan Tanner  starting on page 40-43.

Vocabulary - We will need these words for this story and also for the next one
crackle - make noise with a paper
starry - lots of stars in the sky
announced - to say aloud , also with a loud speaker
envelope - a folded paper to put a letter into.
soared - a bird or an airplane flies
photograph - a picture

starry star ri
Montana  hear the t
soon - hear the n at the end of the word
for- hear the r at the end of the word
got - hear the t at the end of the word

Before reading: Predict from the picture  on page 40, what the story will be about?
While reading: Who is speaking in the first sentence?
Under the heading "At the airport" Who is speaking?
What does the word "joked" mean here?
Where is Montana?

After reading:
What is Matty feeling at the beginning of the story?
How does he feel at then end?
Explain the changes that he goes through:
Where does he think the surprise will come from?
Is this is the first time that Matty has gotten an e-mail?

Over to you:
Which do you like better, a letter or an e-mail, Why?
Did you like this story?
Has something like this happened to you?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English teacher

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