Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Timelinks Grade 1 Unit 2 Lesson 2

Timelinks Grade 1 Unit 2 This is a social studies book for the first grade. Children need to already know how to read, but it is interesting and informative.


You can get your copy by going to Ebay:

diagram - long I

What is the bulldozer doing on page 10?
What has to be done first in order to build houses?
On page 11 there are two pictures of the same house. What are the similarities and differences?
On page 12, Is this a modern airplane? Do you think it will fly?  Would you want to fly in one like this?
Look at the diagram, what are the parts of the airplane? What is interesting about the wings of the plane?
What is transportation?
Which forms of transportation have you been on?
Where did you go on a plane?
How long was the flight?

Homework: Write about a time that you went on a trip using different forms of transportation.
Write three sentences.

You can also go to the Interactive site and play the games there: http://www.macmillanmh.com/socialstudies/2009/ss/student/grade1/unit1.html

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - English Teacher

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