Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sizes of Atoms: Chemistry in English,

When you are learning English, you can learn all the subjects! Today we are learning Chemistry!
Actually, if I would have had access to  this site back when I was in high school, I might not have become an English teacher, but a Chemistry teacher instead!  This site makes Chemistry so easy to understand!! Wow!

 To get started in Chemistry go here:  Chemistry Videos for Kids! Learn at home

Go here to learn about Chemistry!
Click Here!

Read this page and answer the questions below:

Electromagnetic El lect tro mag ne tic
isotopes. long I

Why can't we determine the exact size of an atom?
How can we come up with the best approximation?
Which materials are best to figure out the size of an atom?
If you look at the Periodic Table, in which direction do you need to go to see larger atoms?
Why is it that the size of an individual atom is smaller when it is part of a molecule?
Which is bigger a positive ion or a negative ion?  Explain why.
Explain the structure of a salt molecule  NaCl
Look at the data at the bottom of the page. How many electrons does each molecule have?
Tell about the size of each molecule.

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