Thursday, April 23, 2015

You and the Road - Mini Project English speaker's class

Since 11th graders can start the process of getting a drivers' licence this would be a good project for them to do, to help them realize the dangers of the road and how to solver these problems.
This is a Mini-project that the English teacher can assign for the end of the year project.  Feel free to make any changes to make the project more interesting for your students.

You and the Road - Mini Project about road safety

Task: Imagine you are the Minister of Transportation in Israel  How are you going to increase road safety in Israel?
Write down at least five different ways which will increase road safety,
Present your solutions for action to the class.

Guidelines: Follow these steps

Think about the different challenges that face drivers.  Poor roads, not proper speed limit, etc.
How should drivers overcome these problems?
Write a first draft
Outline the first problem - how to solve it including details
Do this for each of the 5 problems including details and pictures.
Show the first draft to your teacher.
Using your teacher's recommendations, rewrite the project making necessary changes
Present the project to the class.   You can use powerpoint  slides to help make your presentation more interesting.

Good Luck!

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English teacher

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