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Present Perfect Exercise - English Grammar Lesson

I use this grammar lesson to teach about the Present Perfect in English. Some other langugaes have the Present Perfect, but some don't so it is always important for ESL students to learn this verb form.

Present Perfect.

The present perfect tells us about the past and the present. We see things as happening in the past but having a result in the present.

Simple Present vs. Present Perfect
Simple Present Tense
The earth turns around the sun.
I always wake up at 6 in the morning.
I feel very sad when you are not here with me.
Present Perfect Tense
We've washed the dishes(They are clean now.)
She has been my friend for so many years, and I still count on her.(She was my friend for a long time and is still my friend)
The aircraft has landed.(It's on the ground now.)  
Form: Positive:  have/has + V3
Negative: have/has not +V3, haven't/hasn't +V3
Question: Have/Has+ pronoun+V3?
Irregular forms:
I've made a shopping list We've sold our car. I've thought about it a lot
Have you written that e-mail? The students haven’t finished their projects.
be/have/had  The weather has been awful!  I've had a great time at the party, thank you.

A. Look over these sentences and answer that completes the dialogues according to context:

1. Let's watch "The Mexican".
- No, I _____________ that movie.

a. have already seen  b.  see   c   seen    d am seeing

2.   I am going to order chicken soup. Is that ok?
- No, I __________ chicken soup because I'm vegetarian.

a. haven't eaten   b. have eaten  c. don't eat  d. didn't eat

3. - Hi where are you?
- I am in Washington. This tour is incredible.
-____________ to New York?
- No, I am going there tomorrow.

a. are  b. will be  c. have you been.  d. is

4. I'm now studying in Rome.
- How long _________________ in Rome?
- Not for long, just 6 months.
- That's nice.

a. studied.  b. study  c. do you study   d. have you studied

B. Add a sentence. Use the present perfect.
Example:  I'm tired.(I/walk/kilometers) I've walked kilometers today.

  1. Emma's computer is working now.  (she/repair/it)__________________________________

  1. It's cooler in here now. (I/open/window) _________________________________________

  1. The visitors are here at last.(they/arrive)__________________________________________

  1. Mark's car isn't blocking us in now.(he/move/it)___________________________________

  1. We haven't got any new videos.(we watch/all these)________________________________

C. Irregular forms

Look at the pictures and write what the people have done. Use these verbs: break, build, catch, see, win. Use these objects: a film, a fish, a house, the gold medal.





D. Trevor and Laura are decorating their house.  Put in the verbs. Use the present perfect

Example: Laura: How is the painting going?(you/finish)   Have you finished?
Trevor: No I haven't. Painting the ceiling is really difficult, you know.
1.________________________ (I/not/do) very much. And it looks the same as before.  This new paint 2.__________________________ (not make) any difference.
Laura:  3. _______________________(you/not/put) enough on.
Trevor: 4. ________________________(I /hurt) my back. It feels bad.
Laura: Oh, you and your back. You mean 5._____________________(you/have) enough of    decorating.  Well, I'll do it. Where 6.______________________(you/put) the brush?
Trevor: I don't know.7.__________________________(it/disappear).8._________________(I/look)  for it, but I can't find it.
Laura: You're hopeless, aren't you?  How much 9.______________________(you/do) in here?
Nothing! 10._______________________(I/paint) two doors.
Trevor:11.___________________________(I/clean) all this old paint around the window. It looks much better now, doesn't it?

Laura: 12.___________________________(we/make) some progress, I suppose. Now where 13.___________________________(that brush/go)?  Oh,  14______________________(you/leave) it on the ladder, look.

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach - Professional English Teacher

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