Monday, August 11, 2014

Microsoft may do the Unthinkable to get you to upgrade to Windows 9

There have been many versions of Windows Operating System.  Actually, my favorite has been XP. The functions were clear, and it was easy to save files where you wanted them to be saved.  Windows 8 is more for a "touch screen" mentality. But, I don't have a touch screen computer, so the Metro section is slow and hard for me to use.

Maybe Windows 9 will give us back some functionality?

Read this article and discuss it with your English teacher:

Key Terms:
upgrade option 
internal codename
hit the web
packed in
Patch Tuesday


According to the article, what is unthinkable about Microsoft's plan? 
Why do they want everyone to have the same operating system? Would an upgrade deal make you want to move to Windows 9?  Does the absence of the start button in Windows 8 bother you? If you have Windows 8, do you use the "Metro" side?  Why or why not? Do you usually download all the updates?  Do they help you? What features do you want to see in an operating system? 

By Rachael Alice Orbach one of the teachers on this website:

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