Sunday, August 10, 2014

We now spend more time in front of a screen than ever before! English lesson

Technology is everywhere!  Even kids age six know as much as a 45 year-old about technology. Is this a good trend?  It is changing the way we communicate with each other, that's for sure! 

Read this article and be prepared to speak about it with your English teacher!

Key Terms: 
communications regulator 
 peak understanding
 ‘millennium generation’
digitally savvy
social media addiction

compared to 
three per cent of

According to the article, how much time do people from the UK spend in with technology? 
Which platform is the most popular in the UK? 
What age are people the most knowledgeable about technology? 
What is the most worrying aspect of being "too connected"? 
Why don't kids talk on the phone?  What is the development concern that Dr. Arthur Cassidy mentions? 
Why are tablet computers more popular among older people? 
How much time do you spend in front of a screen? What kinds of things do you do? How much time do you spend on phone calls?  Does Social media such as Facebook and Twitter replace for you speaking on the phone?  Do you have a land line?  What do you use it for? 

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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