Monday, July 14, 2014

Anonymous CV World it work for You? Business English

There has been a lot of talk about discrimination in the workplace lately, but few have had good ideas about how to make job hiring discrimination free.

One of the ideas has been drafted into law in France is the anonymous CV where information about the age, ethnic background and address have been eliminated.  This law, although on the books, has not really been enforced.  Read this article and then do the following lesson with your English teacher.

Key Terms

ethnic background
ahead of the curve
Transparency and fairness
job candidates
cross purposes
cultural wealth
strike the law off the statute books

Questions about the article

Why do you think that the law has not been enforced?

Would this type of CV help you?

Do you think that this type of CV should be the norm?

Would you send in an anonymous CV?

Case Study

You are a personnel manager in a big company. You have 50 CV's to look through for 5 job positions. What criteria do you use to choose the CV's of the candidates that you want to hire for the open jobs?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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