Sunday, July 13, 2014

Modals: Can, Should, Must and Might exercise

By Rachael Alice Orbach

This post is concerned only about the Modals Can, Should, Must and Might.  

We use Modals are auxiliary verbs This means that they are always used in conjunction with other verbs, they show a variety of different meanings, permission, ability, giving advice, necessity etc.

Modals never take the word "to", Semi-Modals always have to word "to"  

Can has a few meanings: 
Asking for permission  Can I borrow the car this evening? 
Showing ability  Tom can play the piano. 
Opportunity When you are at the museum you can go into the special exhibit. 
Request  Can you pass the ketchup? 
Possibility You can learn English if you practice everyday. 

Giving advice  In the summer you should drink eight glasses of water. 
Obligation I should stop looking at Facebook every five minutes! 
Expectation: Their plane should have landed an hour ago. 

This is a very strong modal verb. 
Necessity To get into this University, you must pass the SAT test. 
Certainty This must be the correct website!
Strong recommendation  You must study hard if you want to pass that English exam!

Possibility  You might find that movie interesting, I did. 
Conditional.  If I had time, I might go with you. 
Suggestion You might go to the National Museum today, the new exhibit opens this week. 
Request:  Might I borrow your phone to make a quick call? 

Exercise:  Word bank:  Can,Should, Must, Might 

Put the correct word in the gap.  Use the word bank, you need to use each word a number of times. Some sentences may have more than one correct answer. Check your answers with your English teacher. 

1. _________________ you go to the store and get milk and bread? 

2. To get in shape you ___________ exercise every day. 

3. You _____________________ really take some Vitamin C for that cold. 

4. I______________________ go outside if the weather clears up. 

5. _______________________ you stop shouting into the phone?  I_______________ hear you fine! 

6. ___________________you drive so fast?  I see a police car behind us. 

7._______________________ I suggest that we go out for pizza  and a movie this evening?

8. Chris ____________________ speak five languages now. . 

9. She_________________________ have worn a longer skirt, its getting cold at night. 

10. He _____________________________ go with you if he finishes his report on time. 


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