Monday, July 14, 2014

Air Pollution - English Lesson

Air pollution is a problem that we all should be concerned about.  I remember living in Los Angeles, and coming into the city by plane is very eye-watering.  As the plane comes down for a landing, you see a layer of brown.  That is the air that in 5 minutes or so you are going to be breathing.  The same is happening in other places in the world.  Even in China.  But this time China is doing something about it. 

Read this article and then answer the questions with your Conversation English teacher.

Key Terms 
in a bid to tackle 
soaring economy
Clean Coaltackle clog 
strict controls
stability obsessed leaders

"rein in their craze"
an array of laws and rules
weak monitoring and punishment 
unveiled plans 
 higher-quality raw materials
meet tougher pollution targets

1. How important is air pollution to you? What are they doing in China to combat air pollution? Is it working?
2. Is there air pollution in your city?
3. What is the main cause of air pollution in your country?
4. What is your country doing to combat air pollution?
5. What do you do personally to lessen air pollution?

Case Study 
You are a city council member of your municipality. Define what are the major pollutants in your city.
Come up with a plan to lessen the air pollution. What industries contribute to air pollution in your city?
What laws should be passed?  Who should pay for the enforcement of these laws?

Lesson Plan by Rachael Alice Orbach, Professional English Teacher 

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