Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Daylight Saving Time

This is for an English speaker class 9-12th grades.  Have fun!

Here is the link for the article: http://news.consumerreports.org/health/2011/03/daylight-saving-time-health-risks-short-term-health-risks-long-term-gains.html

Here are the questions and vocabulary:

Vocabulary -  Look these words up in the dictionary:

 health risk   sleep deprived    grouchy  temporarily 

heart attack   stress   lingering   cardiovascular 

seasonal affective disorder   motivate  tend   suffer  translate

Students look up the vocabulary as the Do Now to start class. 

Here is the worksheet, the lines are set for a standard A4 page, so you can just cut and paste. 

Name ___________________________________


1. What are the health effects of Daylight Saving Time?

a. ______________________________________________________________________

b.  _____________________________________________________________________

2. Which day of the week are people most likely to suffer a heart attack?

a. ______________________________________________________________________

Why? .   
  b. _____________________________________________________________________

3.  What are the advantages of Daylight Saving Time?

a. ______________________________________________________________________

b. ______________________________________________________________________

4.  In your opinion, does Daylight Saving Time help you?


5. What do you do differently in order to get up earlier?


Vocabulary:  Use 5 vocabulary words in a sentence:

1.. ______________________________________________________________________

2 . ______________________________________________________________________

3. ______________________________________________________________________

4 . ______________________________________________________________________

5. ______________________________________________________________________


Naeem Afzal said...

Nice blog!


ESL Made Easy said...

Thanks Rachel! I'll be adding your link on my blog under this topic Time.

Rachael Alice Orbach said...

I still feel that this changing of the clocks is not necessary in our modern age. The amount of electricity that is used for lighting is not important anymore. Instead when we are at work, we use the computer, charge our phones. No, the real reason that we still do this outdated action is for the benefit of the amateur sports industry. When the clocks turn back, there is more light in the afternoon, so more people feel the urge to go out and play tennis, golf, so swimming before coming home after work. At least for a few months there is a surge in these sports.

Think about it.

Rachael Alice

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