Saturday, March 19, 2011

Science Fiction poetry Mars and Earth

Mars and Earth   by Rachael Orbach

Blue sunsets on Mars, I will always remember
But pink sunsets on Earth will always make me feel tender

I look up at the blue ball so far away
I know that I'll never go back there anyway.

Colonists on a one way trip,
We live in domes and can't sip

I miss water that flows from the cup,
instead of the ice to suck.

We live inside
Oxygenated,Pressurized and  Magnetized

Because Mars doesn't have a magnetic field
our fate here is sealed.

We stay in contact with radio
and my family and I will go into limbo

Remember us people of Earth
Mars is a world of truth,

We should have never come here
I really fear.

To teach this poem you need to have some background on the conditions
on the Planet Mars:
(if this is too hard, choose the simple English translation)

Go over any vocabulary words: 



1.  Which facts does the author use in the poem?

2.  How does the rhyme scheme help the poem?
3.  Is the poem realistic? 

4.  How does the main character in the poem feel about the Earth?

5. How does the main character feel about  Mars?

6. What is the conflict in the poem?

7. What happened before the poem started?

8.  What do you think will happen afterwards?


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