Friday, August 12, 2011

Exercise to go with the book Upgrade!

We have just learned the names of places in a city!

You need to complete the sentences with a noun from the word bank there are more words than you need.
1. Helen is going into the clinic.

2. Dan is ____________________________ to get some money.

3. Tal is sitting at the ________________________ waiting for the doctor.

4. Tom is entering the ______________________ to work out.

5. Lee is exiting the _______________________, he just got off the bus.

6. Shira is waiting outside _______________________ so she can take her mother home.

7.  Guy is going into the ____________________ to eat lunch.

8.  Andrea is waiting in line at the _______________________ to pay for the food.

9. David is waiting at the _______________________ to put gas into the car.

10. Tony ran into the ____________________ to buy milk.

Word bank:  Bank, hospital, clinic, bus station, restaurant, gym, supermarket, clothing store, bakery, mini market, gas station, cash machine

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