Monday, December 17, 2018

A Little History of the World Chapter 10

Now we will travel to India and find out what was happening there when the Persians and Greeks were having their wars.  

Where was the great river of India?  What was it's name? 
Why do linguists feel that the language was similar to our language? 
How did the caste system develop?  How did the upper caste enforce this system? 
What was amazing about their religion? 
Who was Gautama? What did he do? 
How did his ideas sweep the ancient East? 
What was his life like when he was growing up? 
How did he change his mind? 
What type of life did he live afterwards? 
What are his ideas? 
Do you think that they answer the problem of human suffering? 
Can we apply his ideas to our lives in the modern world? 

Think about an object that you really want. 
Then use the Budda's ideas and observe if you still really want it or not. 

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