Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Video A Day Helps You Learn English - President Barak Obama Victory Speech

You can say what you want about the current poltics, but President Barak Obama is a good speaker.  We can learn a lot from him!  Watch his victory speech and then we will talk about it in class!  

Who donated money to the Obama campaign? 
What does the word "harness" mean in this context?
What is an alliance?  How can this be used in our daily lives? 
What does the word "steep" mean? What is President Obama referring to? 
What were President Obama's goals when he was president?  Did he achieve the goals?
What setbacks happened during his term in office? 
How did he overcome these? 
What does the phrase "calloused hand" mean?  
Do you have calloused hands? 
What does "sacrifice" mean? 
Have you ever made a sacrifice? 
Where is Wall Street?  Where is Main Street? 
What is different about them? 
Which values does Obama speak about? 
Which ones are most important for you? 
What is humility? Are you a humble person?  

Write a speech to give for your class. Use some of these vocabulary words: 
sacrifice, values, setbacks, steep, harness 

For your listening pleasure here is an original song  by Rachael Alice Orbach 
with public domain photos.

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