Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Video A Day Helps You Learn English! Too Many Bananas! Indian Accent

A Video A Day Helps You Learn English! Too Many Bananas!  Indian Accent.

It can also be useful to listen to English spoken in different parts of the world.  This is a very cute story, read by a man who is from India.  The accent is a bit different, but perfectly understandable.  

What is the problem of the story? 
Who does the man try to sell his bananas to? 
What do they say? 
Does the man give up? 
What does he do instead? 
What happens when the neighbor wants to have a pooja? 
Who starts to laugh? Why? 
How does the story end? 
What did you like abou the story? 
What is the Author's Purpose in writing this story? 

Homework: Tell about a time that you thought "Outside the Box?" What problem did you encounter? How did you solve the problem? 

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