Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Magic Tree House Midnight on the Moon Book #8 Chapter 1

Magic Tree House, Midnight on the Moon Book #8

 Jack and Annie got back from the Ice Age and were very tired.  So they went to sleep right away. 
but then something bothers Annie. What is it?  Read Chapter 1 to find out!

What information does the Prologue tell us?
Could we understand this book without reading all the other books of the series? 
Who is Morgan Le Fay in this series of books?  What is her character like?  
Who is Peanut?  How does she help Jack and Annie?
What are the things that they have found to help Morgan? 

Chapter 1 
Why does Annie want to go to the Tree House now? 
What time is it? 
Why can't she wait until morning? 
What does Jack want to do? 
How does Annie convince him to get up anyway? 
What does Jack want to bring? 
Why doesn't Annie want to bring one? 
What do they see when they get to the Tree House? 
How do they know which book to read next? 
What is the name of the book? 
Why doesn't Jack want to go there? 
What equipment do you need to go to that place? 
What does Jack suggest instead?
What picture does Jack turn to? 
What  wish does he say? 

Jack has to write a research report about the moon. Write his report for him. Tell about how old the moon is, how far it is from the Earth, what is the conditions on the Moon?

Jack uses this website to help himself write the report : http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/sciencefacts/space/moon.html

While you are reading this chapter you can listen to this song that I wrote: Have Fun with Flying Wave!

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