Sunday, January 28, 2018

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak, Chapter 5

Jack and Annie are now in the Mini Sub.  Why does Annie always have to make these mistakes?  Do they always turn out well?  Read Chapter 5 and see!

Get the whole set Magic Tree House books 9-12 here:


What do they learn from the Ship's log? 
Why did the scientists have to return the sub to the junkyard? 
What does the word "Defective" mean? 
What will Jack and Annie have to do now? 
What happened when they pressed the "waves" button? 
Which sea animal tried to hold onto the mini-sub? 
What happened then? 

Homework: Researchg your favorite sea animal.  Write 4 facts about it in a chart. 

Where is lives:
What does it eat:
What size is it:
Do people use this animal for food?

Annie loves animals:  I think that she would love to watch this video!  You will too!

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