Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak Chapter 4

Magic Tree House, Dolphins at Daybreak Chapter 4

Since we are studying the book Dolphins at Daybreak, now you can also learn facts about them!  Get it on Amazon!

What does Jack write in his notebook?  What other facts would you write? 

Why does Annie feel like she is in a fish tank?

What names does Annie give the Dolphins?  

What is Annie's answer to the riddle?  Is it correct?  Why or why not?

Why doesn't Jack see the answer to the riddle outside the window? 

How does Jack find the Ship's Log?  What is a ship's log? 

While you are reading this chapter, listen to this beautiful music: Written and produced by Rachael Alice Orbach  

Annie has to make a poster for her class about Dolphins.  Draw her poster for her and label the parts of a dolphin, include what they eat and where they usually live.  Use the Fast Tracker book to get your information. 

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