Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mr. Klutz is Nuts Chapter 10

Have you ever shimmied up a flag pole?  Well, not me neither, but I used to like to climb the rope in Gym class.  This is what happened in the last chapter!  What will Mr. Klutz do next? Why does he do these things?

  To pick up this book:
Why did Mr. Klutz have a bandage wrapped around his head?
What problems did he find in the essays?
How does Mr. Klutz suggest to solve this problem?
What will he do this time?
How do the students feel about this?
Why is Andrea upset? What does she do to herself?

Homework: Write about an imaginary event in Mr. Klutz's life that made him want to take lots of risks.

Do you like Birds?  Well me too, let's fly with Rachael Alice Orbach original music!

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