Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Mr. Klutz is Nuts Chapter 1

Mr. Klutz is Nuts!  You might be right! Does Mr. Klutz do silly things?   Where is this school?  Maybe I would like to teach there as well!!

To get this book, go to Amazon:


Look at the pictures at the beginning of the book. Who are the students in the class?
How does Mr. Klutz get to school today?
What is unusual about it?
What are most prinipals like?
What happened to Mr. Klutz? Why?
What was he wearing on his head?  Is this a good idea?
Who walked by?  What did she say to him?
What did Mr. Klutz do next?

Homework: Describe the prinicpal of your school.  What does he or she do everyday?  How does your principal get to school?  You can draw a picture of your prinicipal.


For your listening pleasure: Original music by Rachael Alice Orbach

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